Demon Cleaver was created February 2019 by guitarist Lee Taylor and drummer Owen Lewis (ex-Drown in Ashes).  After spending time working on Nulabor (instrumental) and writing for independent animation projects, Lee set out to create music that inspired him the most.
Lee and Owen found influences in old school Swedish death metal bands such as Entombed and Grave to bring underground lip curling metal riffs in a chaotic blend with groove metal. Vocalist Daniel Brand (ex-Expain) brings a unique triggering of dialog samples and dark synth tones inspired by 50s horror which is matched by their live video screenings during their live shows.
Demon Cleaver has shared the stage with the likes of bands such as HeadCrusher (Columbia), Zuckuss (Vancouver), and The Golers. Their debut EP was released on July 17, 2020 and is available for streaming on all the major platforms.

Lee Taylor - Guitar
Owen Lewis - Drums
Daniel Brand - Vocals/Samples
Sean Bales - Bass
​Eric Morrison - Guitar